Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jul 4, 2016

Guess what!?

So it transfers they kinda came out on no where, and you have probably lost track of our transfer schedule a long time ago with all my random transfers. So it was Motra Fulop's first transfer call and my last. so She will being going to Vlore she had always wanted to go to Vlore. So you can probably guess that I am staying. What will probably surprise you (becasue it surprised me) I will be training...

I am actually super honored that they want me to train even with the little time i have left. Actually looking back that what i have been doing most of my mission. That the Lord wanted me to not just help the people but the missionaries. Some times one the street I feel like my voice isn't always heard. but i am realizing that as a trainer your words and actions are.

Sorry it was super short tell you more when I know more!

ju dua

Motra Henderson

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