Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jul 25, 2016

Familja e dashur!

Sooner than later is an understatement. This week went by so fast that I can barely remember it. Even my companion said that she can't believe how fast this week went and she is just starting her mission. And Carter is off! I'm sure it was great to be all together at Bear Lake.

Sound like my comp is here until September, but what she will do after I leave I have no idea! She told me that Kosovo is so different that it doesn't seem like home. But the stake is doing a temple trip, they do like one a year, and if she is still here she gets to go! So she is excited about that, because she still hasn't gone. They were waiting until she gets to England, but the stake trip is also now a option. Almost I wish I could be here to go! They are going to the Frankfurt temple so that is super cool!

This week we met with a less active named Donjeta (Dona). She was one of the first members baptized here. She has a one year old son and her husband isn't a member. But he actually is a baptized into a Catholic church here. And something that that we talked about with him and actually all through out the week was families. He was telling us that his family is Muslim and don't support him, but he lucked out and found a really great girl. But we have a new project. We want to bring this family together. Which we had talked about earlier in the week in a lesson, my companion's goal for her mission is to bring her family closer to the gospel. She is the only member in her family and she hopes the mission will bless her family. Wow what a goal! I have now learned the best example of goal setting! I have also decide I need to work on setting those kind of goals for my own life. Thinking about her goal and my life - I have been blessed to have the gospel in my life, plus my whole family. Elder Larson teaches Family night and he asked me the question Have you been sealed, and I answers no, I was wrong -always learning right!? It was a trick question because I have been born in the convent to I am sealed to my family! The gospel is family. I have seen the power of families in the gospel and that is something I want to share with the people here. The people I have talked to this week have shown such concern for their families. I think the worries come because the family is Celestially  important, but we are trying to take care of them in a Telestial world. So really the only way is the gospel. So this is some deeper understanding I learned this week that I hope I can use to bless others.

So with that said, you are my biggest blessing!
Ju dua!
Motra Henderson

our matchy Bondsteel shirts!

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